Kiran SSC Reasoning Chapterwise Solved Papers Book PDF Download

Kiran SSC Reasoning Book

Kiran SSC Reasoning Book PDF Download

Kiran SSC Reasoning Book PDF – Kiran Publication’s E-Book For Kiran SSC Reasoning Chapterwise Solved Papers Book is a very popular & Highly Recommended Book For All Exam Prospects. Download This Book In Pdf Version and Boost Your Ability In Reasoning To Crack Various Exams. This E-Book is highly recommended For all exams mentioned in the upper section. This Book Is a short term course for all Exams.

Kiran SSC Reasoning Book

This Book is very important for the examinations like SSC (Graduation Level, 10 + 2, Metric Stage, FCI, Delhi Police SI etc.) SSC CGL Exam Pre, CPO SI, Section Officer (Audit), Tax Assistant, Section Officers, Demographic Investigator, CGL Tier-1 And 2, Accounting Service Trainee (SAS), CISF ASI, CPO ASI & Intelligence Officer, FCI, Delhi Police SI etc. Download this book From Link given below.

Content is available at the following topics in this book which is very important for all.
  • 6800+ Objective Questions
  • वर्णमाला (Alphabets)
  • सादृश्यता (Analogy)
  • वर्गीकरण (Classification)
  • श्रंखला (Series)
  • कूटलेखन-कूटवाचन (Coding-Decoding)
  • दिशा और दूरी (Direction And Distance)
  • रक्त संबंध (Blood-Relation)
  • संकेत और अंकनपद्धति (Symbols And Notation)
  • पदानुक्रम एवं व्यवस्थीकरण (Ranking And Arrangement)
  • नियत दिन/तिथि/समय (Scheduled Day/Day/Time)
  • वेन आरेख (Venn Diagram)
  • लुप्त संख्या ज्ञात करना (Finding The Missing Number)
  • शब्दो का अर्थपूर्ण (सार्थक) क्रम (Arrangement Of Words In logical Order)
  • इनपूट (Input)
  • घन एवं पासा (Cube And Dice)
  • कारण एवं परिणाम (Cause And Effect)
  • कथन एवं निष्कर्ष (Statement And Conclusion)
  • न्याय (Syllogism)
  • कथन और पूर्वधारणाएँ (Statement & Assumptions)
  • कथन एवं कार्यवाही (Courses Of Action)
  • ऑकडो की पर्याप्तता  (Data Sufficiency)
  • ऑकडा विश्लेषण (Data Analysis)
  • समस्या-समाधान (Problems Solving)
  • पंचलाइन (Punchline)
  • विविध (Miscellaneous)

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Details of Kiran SSC Reasoning BookK PDF Download :

  • Book Name : Kiran SSC Reasoning BooK PDF Download in Hindi
  • Language : Hindi
  • Format : PDF
  • Pages : 343
  • Size : 90 MB
  • Quality : Original

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