Indian Geography by Majid Hussain 5th Edition PDF


Download Majid Hussain Geography PDF. Hello My Readers For students preparing for competitive examinations today we are sharing important Indian Geography by Majid Hussain 5th Edition PDF for all of you. Majid Hussain is a well-known name in the field of geography. He has written many books on the subject for students who are preparing for the civil services examination and for students in universities. He has been a professor of geography in Jamia, Milia Islamia. Indian Geography PDF is ideal for students preparing for the UPSC Examinations.

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Indian Geography PDF

In This Book A detailed syllabus of geography for UPSC mains is given in one of the appendix. One must have the basic understanding of NCERT geography before getting into this.

The contents of the book are : 

  • Structure
  • Physiography
  • Drainage
  • Climate
  • Natural vegetation & National park
  • Soil
  • Human Geography
  • Resources(Conventional & unconventional)
  • Agriculture, Industries
  • Transport and trade
  • Cultural settings
  • Settlements
  • Regional development & planning of INDIA
  • Highlighted such as Environmental hazards
  • Natural disasters
  • Agriculture
  • Globalization
  • followed by Chapter wise MCQs

Indian Geography By Majid Hussain

These topics make it easier for the students to gear up for the advanced preparation of the UPSC Entrance Examination with a solid foundation and clear understanding of the basics. You all students can download this Majid Hussain Geography with ease through the button given below.

Majid Hussain Geography Book PDF

The geography of india majid hussain pdf book provide the students with brief summaries. Nothing much to say about this well-known book. This book is suitable for both concept building and information gathering purpose. Numerous maps are provided to guide the topics thoroughly. The language is lucid and presentation style is user-friendly. Boon to the aspirants.

indian geography pdf

About Majid Hussain Geography of India

Book Name: Geography by Majid Hussain
Size: 26 MB
Total Number of Pages: 160
Format: PDF
Quality Excellent
Language: English

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majid hussain geography pdf
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