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Reasoning Trick in Hindi PDF Today in this post We are providing Reasoning Trick in Hindi PDF Notes Which is mainly important for MPPSC, SSC, UPPSC, Railway, SSC, Bank, SI, Railway and all other competitive exams. Reasoning Trick Questions Answers Download Free From Link Given Below. Reasoning Trick in Hindi PDF Download, Plays a vital role in Competitive Exams 2019. So candidates must focus on this topic and download this PDF With Answer to get important questions with best solution regarding Various Exams.


Download Reasoning Trick in Hindi PDF

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Reasoning Trick in Hindi

Q.1. JAF, JEF, JIF, JOF, ?
1. PIG
2. PET
3. JUF
4. POT

Sol : Option 3

The middle letters which are vowels have an increasing trend of A, E, I, O, U and remaining letters have been retained as it is.So answer would be JUF.

Q.2. _ xx _ yx _ yy _ xy _ xxy

1. xxxyy
2. yxyxy
3. yyxxy
4. yyyxx

Sol : Option 3
The series is yxxy/yxxy/yxxy/yxxy. Thus, the pattern ‘yxxy’ is repeated.



Sol : Option 1
Start reading from CD, EF, GH, IJ, KL and then QR, ST, UV, WX, YZ and so on after splitting the groups.

Q.4. xy _ z _ xxyx _ px _ yxzpx _ yxzpx

1. xpzxx
2. yxyzx
3. yxzpx
4. zyxpy

Sol : Option 1
The series is xyxzpx/xyxzpx/xyxzpx/xyxzpx. Thus, the pattern ‘ xyxzpx’ is repeated.

Q.5. WYB, XUD, YQF, …

1. HZM
2. HCZ
3. ZMH
4. None of these

Sol : Option 3
Divide each member of series in this way: B D F H and so on (one gap) in ascending order, Y U Q M and so on (three gap) in descending order, WX Y Z and so on (no gap) in ascending order

Q.6. x_ p _ y _ _ pzy _ _ pzy

1. xyyyzz
2. xyzyzy
3. yxzyxy
4. yzxyxy

Sol : Option 4
The series is xypzy/ xypzy/ xypzy. Thus, the pattern ‘ xypzy’ is repeated.


1. CBT
2. ABR
3. BCT
4. RBB

Sol : Option 4
First letter in every group is in reverse alphabetical order i.e. SRQPON. The middle letter is in alphabetical order i.e ABCDEF and the last letter has pairs, BB, DD & FF.

Q.8. _ x _ y _ xyxx _ yxy _ xyyx

1. xxxyy
2. xyxyy
3. yxyxy
4. yxyyx

Sol : Option 4
The series is yxx/yyx/ yxx/yyx/ yxx/yyx. Thus, the pattern yxx/yyx is repeated.


1. FXW
2. EFX
3. FEY
4. HDW

Sol : Option 4
The third, sixth and ninth letters are in the reverse order of the alphabet i.e.Z,Y, X, W. Ist fourth and seventh letters are going up with a gap of one letter and II, V and VIIIth are moved ahead one letter.

Q. 10 _ yz _ zx _ xyx _ z _ zxzxy

1. xyzyy
2. yyyzz
3. yxzyx
4. xyyzz

Sol : Option 1
The series is xyz/yzx/zxy /xyz/yzx/zxy . So, the letters change places in a cyclic manner.

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