Tackling Reading Comprehension Questions in CAT

Tackling Reading Comprehension Questions in CAT

Tackling Reading Comprehension Questions in CAT

Every management entrance examination always has two main areas, i.e Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Aptitude. Different questions are asked for different competitive examinations but these two sections remain the same. The verbal aptitude part consists of Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar and Reasoning Questions.

The RC section consists of a passage and the questions asked are related to the given passage. Passages with 400 words are small passages, medium passages have around 400 – 700 words and passage with more than 700 words are long passages. One should start their CAT exam preparation as early as possible and topics like this should be completed during the initial phase of your preparation.

How to tackle the questions?

Questions from reading comprehension are unpredictable. The passages can be from any topic and any questions can be asked on them. There is no specified method to solve the RC questions. Solving 50 numerical problems on a topic and then for the 51st problem, you can refer to the previously solved questions. But the same is not applicable to Reading Comprehension Questions. After solving 50 questions on Reading Comprehension, the 51st question is always a new experience.

Types of questions asked in RC

Almost each and every person has solved Reading Comprehension questions in schools and colleges, the questions asked in schools and colleges are from the class textbook and are easy to interpret. However, the questions asked in MBA entrance examinations, are different and are more complex.

Time to spend in Reading Comprehension

For a small passage, 10 min is sufficient and for long passage then 15 minutes will be enough. In school and college, one has to write an entire answer, but in MBA entrance tests, candidates have to mark the answer on an OMR sheet or have to click the correct option. It doesn’t take much time to click a correct answer; hence one should give maximum time in reading and understanding the passage.

Improving your reading speed

Reading speed depends on the word stock you have. If someone’s vocabulary is excellent, then their reading speed will be good. Don’t just read every day; improve your vocabulary side by side. The combination of vocabulary and regular reading will help you build your confidence.

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